Suicide Impacts All

Suicide Impacts All. The topic on suicide can never be overemphasized. One death by suicide impacts not only the individual, but also the family and the community. Remember your mom, she will be forever devastated and she may even die. Remember that little sister of yours, how will she cope without you? Tomorrow will always be better, so don’t do it.

Watch this video if you are suicidal, and i hope it will help you change your mind. Your family cares, your friends care and your community cares about you. Above all God cares about you and loves you. He created you out of love.

Live to prove to those who put you down that you are strong. And that you can pull through anything.

If you need help to pull through, see a psychiatrist or a psychologist near you. If you are still in school, talk to the school counselor. This will help you start your road to recovery and getting your strength back.

Suicide is never an answer. You do not run away from your problems, you stay to solve it. And that is what life is all about, solving problems.

You are strong. A conqueror you are. And you will conquer this challenge.

Suicide Impacts All. Share to friends.

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