Mkpurummiri Affects Appetite and Behaviour

Mkpurummiri Affects Appetite and Behaviour. Watch the video. Methamphetamine also known as ICE or Mkpru mmiri, is a substance of abuse. And it can adversely affect the behaviours of those that take it. Being a stimulant, it can reduce ones appetite and keep the person awake. It can affect the person’s behaviour by predisposing the person to mental illness such as schizophrenia, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, etc.

Because it can affect other parts of the human organs like the heart, kidneys, liver etc. it can shut them down. Thus death can result.

Nigerians are now abusing this substance more now because it is easy to obtain. It is also cheap to buy. More information on Mkpuru mmiri can be read from an earlier post on this blog.

Parents, teachers, all those in authority, including the government need to take the matter very serious. Or else it will destroy our youth, the future hope of this country. The issue on substances of abuse can never be over emphasized.

There is need to put things and actions into place so as to prevent the abuse of drugs among our young people. The issue of peer group comes into play when it comes to the abuse of substances. But the actions played by parents at home during the formative stages of the children is a very strong risk factor. The effects of peer group is usually the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

For those already addicted, treatment is possible and available. There is need to consult with a psychiatrist, and a clinical psychologist. These specialists are availably in most states in Nigeria. The states include Imo, Ebonyi, Cross Rivers, Lagos, etc.

Watch video below. It may seem funny, but it is a bitter reality.

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