Child Molestation is Real in Nigeria

Watch this video clip and listen attentively. The video has delays in matching the pictures with the audio, but the message it brings is clear. Child Molestation is real in Nigeria and the rate is being fueled by silence. But today, people are becoming more aware that child sexual abuse is real in Nigeria. And they are seeking for opportunities to get help to heal.

Unfortunately, a lot of child molestations take place behind family closed doors. Incest is abound. The perpetrators of these molestations can be fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. They can be aunts, uncles, and other members of the extended family. Let us not forget that the gatemen, drivers and domestic servants are also members of the family. They too can be perpetrators. These are people trusted by the children and their parents.

What of those that take place in schools? In the institutions are also populated by supposedly trusted members of the society. But unfortunately, they too can be perpetrators of such molestations.

The effects of child molestations are quite hurtful and life long. They can affect the child through the different angles of life.

There are clinical psychologists scattered all over the country, though not enough to cater for the over 200M Nigerians. Clinical psychologists can be found in Owerri, Lagos, etc. There are also psychiatrists in many towns in Nigeria, Lagos, Imo, Rivers, Cross River, etc.

Also read the two posts on this blog on child sexual abuse to get more information on the topic. The Nigerian Law is hard on the perpetrators.

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